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Reflexology with Geral Lee


P.O. Box 2824,Setauket,New York 11733
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Retreat to a healthy treat! I love giving reflexology sessions and being a part of my clients healthy choices. Schedule an appointment for a generous reflexology session or for a generous reflexology session that includes a stay up to 24 hours. Take some extra quiet time just for yourself. A one bedroom private “bungalow” is available just for you. This retreat accommodates one person at time. We expect that you are a non smoker who appreciates quiet. Best availability for up to a 24 hour stay is between the months of April and November. We accept bookings for just a reflexology session all year. We know you will appreciate this time for yourself! Please visit for additional information.

This a 51% Black-Owned Business, This a 51% Women-Owned Business
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