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We are the leading online business directory of primarily black-owned Businesses and professionals

Our Purpose Our History Our purpose is to inform the black community along with the population, in general, where to locate or access primarily black-owned businesses.

The information given allows people the opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of each business owner. That business will then be able to flourish in service to and possible employment opportunities for the community. Together they will enrich and improve the economic prosperity within the black neighborhood and black community at large.

BlackPagesOnline wants to be part of building a strong empowered and self-sustaining neighborhood for this generation and the one to follow.

BlackPagesOnline will assist you to locate a business informing you of the services they provide. We have various black-owned businesses with quality reasonably priced services.

Besides black-owned businesses, we advertise those many corporate businesses who want to support or inform the black community or have services and products of interest to the black community.

Primarily, you can search a business by name or category on BlackPagesOnline. An advance search could be specific.

Boston, Massachusetts, 1989 we began a hard copy publication, The Black Business Directory. That Publication was released in January 1990. We had a big celebration in the Beacon Hill section of downtown Boston then named The African Meeting House now The Museum of African American History.

Within the consecutive 18 years of hard copy publications, the book had been renamed The Black Pages of New England. The last hard copy was released January, 2008.

In 1995, the online editions began. We have had various websites throughout the years.

A First…

During 2022, The Virtual Directory is expected to be released!

Thelma Tatum Sullivan
Publisher, BlackPagesOnline

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The Virtual Directory is Coming Soon